Connect Your Xbox 360 Online Using Your Laptop (Simplified

How to Connect an Xbox 360 Controller to Your PC Complete the connection by pressing the ‘connect’ button that is on the back of the Xbox 360 controller. The wireless controller should now be connected and ready to play . After you have successfully installed your game pad, you may need to calibrate it so that you set its range of motion. Get Xbox 360 SmartGlass - Microsoft Store Xbox SmartGlass lets you use your Windows 8 device as a second screen to intelligently interact with your Xbox 360. It helps your devices work together to enhance your TV shows, movies, music, sports, and games. Control and interact with what's on your TV with simple gestures on your Windows device. Note: Requires Xbox 360. xbox 360 controller to pc adapter

Apr 11, 2007

Mar 03, 2007

How to use Xbox 360 controller on Windows PC | Gamepur

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