Jan 21, 2017 · So all you have to do is go to Facebook app in your phone, If not installed then install it and proceed, Go to your profile, You’ll see option to post status photo & Life Event, Choose Life Event and then search for moved in search bar,

To avoid location tags in general: Account settings -> Location settings -> Location services: Off. To delete location tags on a post just edit the post and delete the location. How to customize your Facebook page for free. Give Facebook a near-complete makeover by using the free Social Fixer add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other browsers not named Internet Explorer. Aug 29, 2018 · Facebook Location Targeting options can provide powerful methods to reach specific users in certain areas. However, as Facebook has created additional options, advertisers may be confused about how to take complete advantage of these features. Mar 05, 2014 · Go to Settings->Facebook (You will need to scroll down some way) and then tap your account name, then tap on 'Delete Account' you can now enter details of another account. This doesn't apply if you are using the Facebook App from the App store on your device, this is only for the built-in Facebook integration in iOS. If you want to change location on the iPhone to show different locations rather than the current location, then you can use fake location iPhone apps. There are various reasons for people want to fake locations such as privacy reasons, tracking location, and other reasons. If you've read this article, you already know that any age or location restrictions on your Facebook page will prohibit you from creating a Pagevamp site. Here's how to change those restrictions. 1. Go to your Facebook page. 2. Click on the "Settings" button at the top. 3. Find the "Country Restriction" and "Age Restriction" lines. 4.

Feb 21, 2019

Now it thinks I live in Nappanee Indiana and I cant change it. Every time I try to sell something on facebook I cant post it unless I put a 5 digit post (zip) code in. Does anybody know how I can change the Location to Hervey Bay? Go to your device's home screen. Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Scroll through the list of apps below, tap Facebook and select While Using the App. If you previously turned on Location History for Facebook, you can select Always.

Changing your Facebook information shouldn’t always be a public affair. But every time you make a change, whether it’s something trivial like adding a hometown or something more personal like changing a relationship status, Facebook announces the

Change GPS Location on iOS Device in 1 Click . iMyFone AnyTo enables you to change location on iPhone or iPad when you want to share some cool locations on social platform with friends, fake your location on map to prevent from being tracked, and reach geo-specific features or services on location … How to Change Facebook Location Setting - YouTube Dec 04, 2019 How To Change Name On Facebook (Profile & Page) - 2020 Method 2:- Change Name On Facebook Before 60 Days Limit. If you have crossed limits of changing the name on Facebook or you want to change your name again before 60 days from a previous change, it might be a little difficult for you. You can’t change your name right now because you’ve already changed it within the last 60 days. Learn more. How can I change the primary location listed on my user