And this is SessionSynchronization interface implementation purpose. SLBSs with CMT do not receive transaction start/end notification because transaction boundaries are known and they are limited to a business method execution. share | improve this answer. answered Jan 7 '16 at 10:33.

An interface on a JSP would be absolutely useless since there is no way that the JSP class could subsequently be referenced using the interface. "Mammaries on a bull" comes to mind. You might as well ask why they didn't design your car with a shaving mirror in the engine compartment. Defining an EJB component. There are three ways to define EJB components in EAServer: Importing an EJB-JAR file An EJB-JAR file contains the implementation classes, interface classes, and deployment descriptor for one or more beans archived in a standard format. Hi Kril, the SessionSynchronization interface is only available for Stateful Session Beans.. it would certainly be a great solution if it was available for stateless as well. – Chris Thornhill May 10 '12 at 18:09 Finally, stateful session beans may optionally implement the javax.ejb.SessionSynchronization interface to enable the bean to be notified of certain transaction management events. Stateful Session Bean Interfaces. Because state is important for stateful session beans, the initial state in which such a bean is created could be important. The home interface of a STATELESS session bean must have one (and ONLY one) create() method that takes NO arguments. The create() method of the remote home interface must return the session bean’s remote interface. The create method of the local home interface must return the session bean’s local interface. Using Container-Managed Transactions. Using the SessionSynchronization Interface. Using the Java Transaction API (JTA) for Bean-Managed Transactions. Troubleshooting.10.

Jul 20, 2006

May 31, 2001 Stateless beans and SessionSynchronization (OCEEJBD forum In HF EJB, it says that Only stateful session beans can implement SessionSynchronization, because stateless session beans are not allowed to maintain a transaction once a method has ended. Then why is it that this interface can only be implemented by them ?.

May 31, 2001

Interface SessionSynchronization - Oracle Help Center The SessionSynchronization interface allows a stateful session bean instance to be notified by its container of transaction boundaries. Only a stateful session bean with container-managed transaction demarcation can receive session synchronization notifications. Other bean types must not implement the SessionSynchronization interface or use the Interface SessionSynchronization - Oracle The SessionSynchronization interface allows a session Bean instance to be notified by its container of transaction boundaries. An session Bean class is not required to implement this interface. A session Bean class should implement this interface only if it wishes to synchronize its state with the transactions.