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What is SSL Certificate Chain – Explained by Certificate May 16, 2019 What's My Chain Cert? Include the Root Certificate? You do not need to include the root certificate in the certificate chain that you serve, since clients already have the root certificate in their trust stores. Including the root is inefficient since it increases the size of the SSL handshake. A separate chain that includes the root certificate is sometimes used for other purposes, such as OCSP stapling. SSL certificate chain resolver | certificatechain.io

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Apache 2.4 / SSL certificates error: AH01903: Failed to SSLCertificateFile loads the server certificate chain. That is the server certificate and its signing CA's sorted from leaf (certificate) to root (higher lvl CA). SSLCertificateChainFile is deprecated in apache 2.4, so remove this one. SSLCACertificateFile loads the CAs for clients that will authenticate through SSL with client certificate. Digicert Certificate Utility - Fixing SSL Certificate Using the Digicert Certificate Utility To Fix Certificate Chain Trust Errors. When on a Windows server system you may receive errors pertaining to the trust of the SSL Certificate varying from browser to browser. The cause of this is usually due the server us not sending or is missing all the required intermediate chain certificates. These certificate are responsible for aiding the trust of tls - Can I modify my certificate chain? - Information