Oct 24, 2017 · Just say “OK Google, beatbox” and get amazed. 18. Talk dirty to me. Try this funny command with the assistant, just say “talk dirty to me” and enjoy its funny reply. 19. Are you married.

When I say 'Ok, Google,' that assistant in the past gave out a single beep. Now, there are multiple beeps (and often more than in the recording) … iPhones now have 'OK Google' supportif you say 'Hey Nov 21, 2018 Say OK - Wikipedia Background. At first, "Let Go" would have been the second single from the album, but this was replaced at the last minute for "Say OK". The song was released on the U.S. iTunes on January 12, 2007 and was played U.S. radio two months later, on March 27. In New Zealand the song was released on May 26, 2007 and in Europe on May 28, 2007. 98 Funny Questions to Ask Google Home

But what is even more helpful, is the “Ok Google” voice function, which gets activated whenever you say Ok Google. When you are on the home screen, you can tap on the microphone icon in Google

Ok Google - Free downloads and reviews - CNET Download.com Discover new OK Google voice commands for voice control, say OK Google and do things by just commanding with your voice. Find OK Google Assistant. Tip: Get the ding sound after your "OK Google" command by

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Apr 14, 2020 Amazon Echo and Google Home Record What You Say. What Whenever you say "OK Google" and ask for anything, the speaker says "Actually, there are some basic settings that need your permission first." And of course, it's referring to turning voice