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Předpoklady pro používání SSL VPN - adresa SSL VPN koncentrátoru je ssl-access.jcu.cz. Klientský počítač který se na něj připojuje musí mít funkční připojení na internet, musí být připojen, a jeho firewall musí propouštět port 443/TCP na kterém běží služba VPN koncentrátoru. A VPN uses "virtual" connections routed through the Internet from James Cook University's private network to the site you are connecting from. This allows you to make a secure connection to JCU and lets your machine behave as though it was on the university network, even though you may be on the other side of the world. These instructions will help you set up your Apple iPhone, iPad or Google Android device to connect to the JCU VPN service. Apple iOS. Start by turning on your device (if it’s not already on) and make sure you are connected to Wireless or a 3G/4G mobile network before you start. Explore IT Services We are responsible for supporting the technology needs of JCU students, faculty, and staff. Submit a Ticket Online Change My Password Zoom Instructions ITS Training Schedule Remote Technology Get Started | Students VPN - Global Protect Instructions Get Started | Faculty/Staff Respondus Wireless Instructions Eduroam Eduroam is the recommended secure wireless network for anyone with a JCU username and password. Computers and mobile devices such as phones can be easily configured to connect to the network.

This Virtual Private Network (VPN) service by the University is provided only for students of the University in Mainland China who require remote and secure access to the University resources.

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The ability to use VPN service to connect your home computer over a safe connection to your computer at work To do this you must have the Fortinet Client installed and configured on your home computer. DOWNLOAD FortiClient VPN for JCU Windows 32 | Windows 64

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