SWŒ.SH/ELD restlllì Windshield De-Icer DIESEL FUEL SUPPLEMENT. I-JL.-SO "100 $129 Antifreeze Tester Checks to 400F 574168 11 oz. 581007 Silicone Spray Lubricant .11 oz 571447 $ 99 prepared for anything THIS WINTER Boosrf8 CA81FS $199 6-Qt. Oil Drain pan Ideal for oil changes and parts cleaning Heavy gauge poly 575853 $ 99 12' Booster Cables

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In February, 1894, only eighteen months after the University opened, a dynamic individual joined the staff of instruction at Idaho. He struggled, as did other professors, with poor equipment and

Garden Notes with shade in hot part of the day), moderate water, frost tender. Solandra maxima, Cup of Gold vine, is a favorite of mine. Can grow to 40ft with glossy 8" long leaves and fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers up to 8" wide and long in late winter to early summer. Light shade and regular water. Two You Should Avoid!

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