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RFC 5077 - Transport Layer Security (TLS) Session RFC 5077 Stateless TLS Session Resumption January 2008 alternate way to distribute a ticket and use the TLS extension in this document to resume the session. This behavior is beyond the scope of the document and would need to be described in a separate specification. 3.1.Overview The client indicates that it supports this mechanism by including a SessionTicket TLS extension in the ClientHello What is a TLS/SSL certificate, and how does it work? Jun 11, 2020 View TLS Handshake - RDP Session Jan 12, 2017 TLS Session Resumption in php - Stack Overflow

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TLS v1: How does the SSL Session ID mechanism work

TLS 1.3 Session Resumption In previous protocols, the client and server sides each maintained a session ID cache. When a client attempted to reestablish a previous connection, its cache was queried to obtain the session ID to put into the initial handshake message. When the server received the session ID, it queried its own cache to determine RFC 5077 - Transport Layer Security (TLS) Session